Iris Brighton

Iris Brighton


At IRIS we match practitioners to assessments by way of expertise and use a range of tools and knowledge to provide high quality expert assessments, enabling parents, carers, courts and other agencies to make safe, balanced and realistic decisions.

We will negotiate a timescale for the assessment at the outset, but are mindful of the need to avoid delay and the importance for families and children, and the courts, of decisions being made in a timely way. We offer realistic schedules that assist in expediting the matter as quickly as possible.

We undertake assessments in both private and public law, including:

  • Parenting capability and Risk Assessments
  • Contact and Residence applications/ Section 7 Assessments
  • Contact assessments
  • Kinship Care/ Family and Friends Assessments
  • Special Guardianship reports
  • Therapeutic recommendations and needs report
  • Placement needs (residential/fostering/adoption)
  • Sexual offending and protective capability assessments
  • Specialist Parenting Assessments with parents with learning disabilities (using Parent Assessment Manuel developed by Dr. Sue McGaw)

The experience and expertise of our workers means they are routinely accustomed to working with the following issues:

  • Drug and alcohol dependency/ misuse
  • Domestic and other forms of violence
  • Risk of sexual/physical/emotional harm
  • Ability to protect
  • Neglect
  • Complex histories
  • Attachment issues
  • Poor empathy, lack of insight/awareness
  • Learning disability
  • Mental health difficulties, depression, anxiety
  • Parenting capability issues
  • Entrenched family dynamics
  • Diversity
  • Ability to make and sustain changes

Day Programme Assessment

There are families where there is significant concern regarding their sustainable capacity to parent. In some such situations children might still be living with their families, but in others will be looked after by the local authority, whilst the potential for reunification is assessed. Not all of these families will be suitable for residential assessment.

Iris is able to offer a day programme as an alternative option.
The family would have access to a comfortable contact room (with small outside play area), a kitchen where meals and snacks can be prepared, and a small adjoining sleeping area with cot, suitable for a baby to ‘nap’ in. We also have a baby bath, so young babies can be bathed at the centre.

The day programme can be adapted according to the needs of the family, but usually involves:

  • Detailed reading of the paperwork, court ‘bundle’ and files.
  • 160 hours of contact observation and direct parenting intervention work, including parenting interaction therapy.
  • An adult attachment interview(AAI) to inform ongoing interventions
  • A full individual assessment/intervention addressing individual areas outlined and agreed in the initial planning meeting. These are undertaken by a qualified Social Worker.
  • Liaison with all relevant involved professionals and persons.
  • Community, social and relationship development work, moving into ‘real life’ situations if indicated (i.e. ‘out and about’, attendance at play and children’s groups, sessions in the home, etc.)
  • A final report drawing these elements together.
  • Post programme support, irrespective of recommendations regarding reunification.

Whilst this work can be undertaken solely by IRIS Brighton, we would also be very happy to consider undertaking aspects of the work in conjunction with the child’s Social Worker if this would be helpful.

Baby sleeping area
Baby sleeping area

Outside area
Outside area