Iris Brighton

Iris Brighton

Our Ethos

Iris's ethos and mission is to provide the very best social work services to families and clients, and to support our associates in achieving this aim. We serve others as we would wish to be served ourselves.

In pursuit of this aim we work to these values:

Excellence - We strive to understand the needs of our clients and associates and aim to exceed expectations in meeting those needs.

Integrity - We adhere to strict codes of ethics and practice, and challenge ourselves to pursue them in all circumstances.

Professional Competence - We aspire to clear and measurable quality standards in our professional services. We carefully monitor our performance across all areas .

Human Relationships - We understand the need for care, respect and collaboration in human relationships. We foster a pleasant working environment based on openness and mutual respect and encourage honesty, initiative, innovation and team work.

Diversity - We respect the differences in values and beliefs of individuals, and recognise the benefits that these differences bring to our organisation.

Critical Awareness - We recognise that initial assumptions and deductions are frequently flawed and that anti-oppressive professional practice depends upon the skill of critical awareness and reflection both at a personal and professional level.

Dignity and Worth of the Person - . We treat all our customers with respect; recognising worth and genuinely valuing contributions and views.