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Types of contact

Iris provides contact services to families where arrangements cannot be met without support. We provide a variable degree of supervision according to need:

  • Handovers - A neutral venue for handover transition to take place at the start and end of contact. We can support the parents in doing this directly, or arrange that they do not see each other, as required according to the needs of the child and the overall situation.
  • Supported contact - A room is made available, and staff are on hand to assist if needed. This can be remotely supervised if required.
  • Guided contact - Provides active and enabling intervention to promote positive relationships and positive change.
  • Supervised contact - Individual supervision of contact with a supervisor in constant sight and sound of the child.
  • Supervised Plus - As supervised and includes court-appropriate recordings.
  • ‘Out and about’ contact - Subject to an assessment of risk and safety issues contact can take place in the community, by visiting for example local parks, the beach, or shops.
  • Assessed contact - full assessment of contact, either court mandated or by agreement.

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